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Luis Sanchez Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 3.0
The iZotope Ozone 3.0 program is a complete 64 bit analog modeled mastering suite of all the tools necessary to master commercial sound and produce higher quality audio.

Available for formats Pro Tools 6.
4+ (RTAS Audio Suite/HTM), VST, MAS, Audio Unit, and DirectX, instead of a varied amount of plug-ins, users have the advantage of Ozone’s 7 plug-ins in one. Users can master tracks in for 16 bit CDs from a 24 bit source, by converting and dithering to 24, 20, 16, 12, or 8 bits. The Dither module features include a proprietary MBIT and noise-shaped dither, and peak limiting and harmonic suspension. Ozone 3’s evolutionary MBIT+ dither algorithm reduces quantization distortion with minimal perceived noise, creating a smooth, quiet noise.

Practical Mast Modules full of features include Multiband Stereo Imaging enabling users to set widening and imaging. The Mastering Reverb module in this program is a high quality 64 bit module that is designed to add an even more professional element to final mixes by allowing users to use reverbs on individual tracks to give a sense of space. This module also features options for mono, phase flip and channel reverse. For tone balancing, Ozone 3 includes an analog modeled Paragraphic Equiliser module with 8 fully adjustable filter nodes for tone balance. Another important feature of this software is its Multiband Harmonic exciter which has been modeled on analog tube saturation providing a more natural sounding excitation. A Mastering Guide is provided as well as Video tutorials.


  • Unlimited undo with history list.


  • Slightly expensive for young producers.

What's new in version 5.0


Analog-matched frequency response for all filter types

Vintage Low and High Shelf filters with variable "Cut" control

Extra-steep "brickwall" analog Low- and High-Pass filters

Flat Low- and High-Pass filters with variable slope

New Snapshots panel with easier EQ snapshot workflow

Improved, simplified Matching EQ feature

Mini Info Panel for easy access to active EQ band's settings

Ability to zoom by time and frequency for precise equalization

Separate EQ settings for left/right channels

Second Post EQ in signal chain for post-dynamics/exciter shaping

Zoomable spectrum in EQ

New Spectrum options including Left/Right and Mid/Side modes

Phase Response, Phase Delay and Group Delay plots


IRC III Limiting mode: new psychoacoustic algorithm with transient preservation

Gain Reduction Trace view: shows gain reduction over time

Spectrum view

Stereo Link: allows variance between fully independent left/right limiting and linked limiting


Additional Dither noise-shaping curves

Dither Shape view


Improved sound quality in all Exciter modes

Natural-sounding Peak Saturation: adds harmonics without drastic gain changes

Post-Saturation High Shelf filter: for additional harmonic shaping

Saturation Spectrum display: shows excitation by frequency

Refined Tube, Tape, Retro, and Warm algorithms

Oversampling mode prevents aliasing


New Vectorscope modes: Polar Level, Polar Sample

Anti-phase prevention

Stereo Width Spectrum view

Correlation Trace view shows mono-compatibility over time

Stereo Balance meter

Phase Rotation allows phase fine-tuning to optimize asymmetrical waveforms' loudness


Greatly-improved workflow includes always-visible Attack and Release controls

All Bands mode shows most crucial controls for every band in one view

Gain Reduction Trace shows dynamics characteristics superimposed on waveform

Interactive Threshold provides intuitive control over all dynamics stages

Improved Gain Reduction meter with input/output and overlaid histogram options

Hard/Soft Knee selection

New upward compression boosts levels as they fall below the threshold

Limiter Boost pushes up threshold-crossing levels when Limiter ratio is set to the left


New Modeled Reverb algorithm: provides realistic early reflections with smooth decay

Improved Plate and Room modes and new Hall mode


All Global Presets updated to take advantage of new DSP and features

Many new genre-specific presets added to Global Presets

Improved Amount controls make adjusting presets simple

Module Presets: each mastering module has dedicated preset saving and loading

Over 80 new Module Presets included

Select independent or shared crossovers for multiband modules

Publisher's description

iZotope's complete mastering system in a single integrated plug-in includes eight essential mastering tools:
Maximizer, Equalizer, Multiband Dynamics, Multiband Stereo Imaging, Post Equalizer, Multiband Harmonic Exciter, Reverb, and Dithering.
Ozone 5's powerful new Meter Bridge provides a full suite of customizable audio analysis tools.

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    tommy mauro 5 years ago

    I have been doing this for a long time now and I have demoed many product's that simply did not do what the company said they would do . I must say for those of you who have a project studio and want a all around great mastering software this is it . IzOTOPE 4 may be alittle pricey for our younger studio owner's . But you get what you pay for and this is worth $249.00 dollar's because you are never disappointed in the way it work's and it is user friendly. SO RECORD ON AND ENJOY THE MUSIC MY FRIEND'S , Tommy Mauro/ Ouraymoon Production's

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